Our Approach

Our objective is to enhance the value of companies while respecting people, community, and the planet. 

To achieve this, we build long lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs and executives and offer them the values, support and means they need to succeed.

Industry Specialists

Our extensive business and education expertise allows us to navigate and take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions, ensuring the success of our portfolio companies.
We believe our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and relationships are critical to management teams as they pursue growth and rebuilding. Our focus on companies looking for competitive advantages, including the ability to:
  • Continue building already successful businesses;
  • Recognize the importance of rebranding and reorganizing companies for continued success;
  • Conduct ourselves at the highest level, engaging with people, communities and the planet;
  • Hire, train and motivate world-class diverse people;
  • Bring forward strategic relationships from previous experiences to benefit portfolio companies;
  • Enlist our highly experienced Board of Advisors to assist in specific company needs;
  • Arrange and structure companies in a way that ensures enduring ethical success; and
  • Identify attractive merger and acquisition candidates who will be able to further the values of the company.


Committed Partners

We partner with experienced executives and innovative entrepreneurs to create companies with enduring value in education.
Our partner companies appreciate the way in which we understand and evaluate the risks associated with their businesses and the market. We work alongside business owners and company executives with mutual cooperation and respect allowing for a higher level of dialogue that culminates in an overall stronger, value oriented, ethical and more productive business. 

Industry Operating Expertise

One of our most valuable resources is our team of highly experienced Board of Advisors and their expertise in their respective fields. These individuals help Addquire discover new investments, pursue opportunities, serve on company boards, recruit executives and team members, and, on occasion, assume senior management positions.